I Fooled Pro Photographers With This Picture (How?)

Ok…let me explain how this picture you see right here has caused me a few problems and how I FOOLED the Pros!

Plus…I want you to see that these style portraits are very popular and you should be using these in your portrait business. Your clients will LOVE THEM!

First…I created our “Unique Trench Bowl” Digital Prop and Background set for our Digital Creation’s Club. Then I listed it on Ebay to be sold to professional photographers.

It was selling for $24.95 and people were loving it.

But…not all was good :-(

We started to receive a few refund requests, because they thought it was  a real Wooden Trench Bowl. They said the picture looked real with the baby in the prop. They said they never used Digital Backgrounds or Props before. Some said they wanted to learn more…but some didn’t.

Every time I list something on Ebay or Amazon I’m very careful to be as detailed as possible, so people know what they are getting. You never want refunds on Ebay…especially because it hurts your feedback rating. We don’t want that!

2 Important Lessons HERE!

  • 1. Wooden Trench Bowls are very popular right now and you should get one and add this to your prop collection.
  • 2. Digital Props and Backgrounds can look real if done correctly and can be added much easier and far less expensive.

Here’s a few Wooden Trench Bowls I found on Ebay to show you that they are available. But…they can be expensive. With that being said…they will pay for themselves over and over again…as anything you invest in for your business. As long as you use it!

I wanted to share this with you, because it proves that people want this stuff and that Digital props can look REAL! Look I Fooled The PROS :-)

I’m probably going to remove our listing on Ebay for a little while and try to create a better description. But…if you want access to our “Unique Wooden Trench bowl” Digital Creation set…I have a special offer for you.

You can download this set for just $19.95.

Click Here to download


You can join our Digital Creation’s club and receive this same set for 50% off regular price and over 100 others to choose from. Plus…all the other benefits of becoming a member.

Join the club HERE!

So…I hope I’ve opened your eyes to this huge opportunity…if you’re not already using Digital Props and Backgrounds.  There’s so many options once you learn the process and it will become very exciting for you and your photography.

Talk to ya soon!


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