Fall Poses For Couples Portraits

fall_picture_ideas_couples3 One of the hardest things in photography is coming up with new poses and staying fresh. It can be for couples, babies, children or just an individual. The best thing you can do now is study what others are doing and create your own version or put your own spin on it.

This post will hopefully inspire you when coming up with poses for couples. In this case we shot these images in the fall, but you can really use these for couples anytime. If you haven’t already noticed…the couple in these pictures will be Lisa and me :-)

Yep, we decided to go outside in our front yard and take some shots of the two of us. We had our 18 year old daughter Alexis push us a little in trying some new poses that she loved. She’s got a great eye for posing (just like her mom) and loves trying new things. So we were herĀ Guinea pig I guess :-)

Plus…we figured we could share the poses here on the blog, so our readers could benefit from these poses too. It’s a Win Win for everyone.

Let me just say that these were shot in the front of our house. The reason I say this, is because some of your clients may want to capture their new home in the background of their images. You could actually market this to realtors as a gift to their clients. Some realtors send a gift basket as a house warming gift.

Bonus Marketing Tip:

Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a FREE portrait session that they could use with their family and their new house? Of course the realtor would pay you for your services. You could create special package for them to offer.

Anyways…I just thought I point that out. You always need to be thinking outside the box and how to get in front of your potential clients.

Ok…so now let’s get to the poses that you could use when photographing couples.

This shot was done directly in front of the house. You can see the house in the background, but is blurred by using Shallow Depth Of Field. You can achieve this effect by using a lens like theĀ Nikon 50mm prime lens.


In this pose you will notice that it was taken at a slightly different angle and Lisa moved to the left and positioned her arms around me. Keep in mind you always want to create a connection when posing couples.


In this pose we reversed some things. I went behind and wrapped my arms around her. We also decided to not look at the camera and create a moment captured in time. Some photographers don’t understand this, but people love the “not looking at camera poses”. Give it a try.


This is one of my favorite poses. It’s so natural and converting it to black and white really helps create the mood. The other thing I want you to notice is the angle. Alexis did a great job turning the camera slightly and shooting down to help create this awesome shot. Great job Lex :-)


This shot was done with us sitting on the ground. Again, Alexis shot down and captured the leaves in the background for some added texture and color.


It’s important to take advantage of the same location or angle, but have the couple take turns looking at the camera. In this case I gave Lisa a kiss and she smiled, showing how much I Love Her! I wasn’t acting either…I really LOVE HER :-)


Again…this was in the same spot, but it shows another moment from our day. Remember, you want to help create and tell a story with pictures. I bet after you see all these pictures, you feel like you were there with us. That’s what you are trying to do when taking pictures of couples or anyone for that matter.


Then of course you want your couple to have some fun. Have the guy give the girl a piggy back ride. You can tell we were having a blast. Not to mention the neighbors were laughing and having a good time watching us :-)


Keep taking shots while they are having fun. I actually was doing circles fast to get Lisa to laugh. She wanted to kill me…in a good way :-)


Here’s another one from the piggy back session, but we converted it to Black and White. I would give your clients the option of either, but show them some in BW and they will see the difference it can make for creating a mood.


Always mix up your shots with vertical and horizontal shots. In this case we wanted to have a 3/4 shot from the waist up. Once again, we were not looking at the camera creating a personal moment shot. I’m going to stress that again. When you have a couple look at each other, you create a personal moment for them.


This last shot was Lisa’s idea. She wanted to capture us starting a new beginning in front of our new home. Having Kayla in the shot was something we wanted, because she’s always running out and getting the mail. We will always have this moment and a picture to help us remember this special time.


So…there you have it. I hope you’ve enjoyed our personal (couples) portrait session and I hope you try some of these poses in the future. If you do…send us an email or post a comment below with a link, so we can see your shots.

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

Feel free to share this page with others on Facebook or wherever you think they other photogs can benefit from these poses.

Happy Shooting :-)

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