Fairytale Baby Swing Portrait Idea

Here’s a brand new Fairytale Baby Swing Portrait we just finished for our Digital Creation’s club. I wanted to share this with you so you could be inspired and create similar images in your Photography. These style portraits are BIG sellers and can be created with just a few simple elements.

Now…you all know we sell Digital Backgrounds and Props in our club and this portrait can be created within minutes. But…if you want to use this concept and create this portrait in you studio…you can.

All you need is a few items to create this portrait.

  • 1. Hand Painted Forest Style Backdrop
  • 2. Unique Hand Woven Style Basket Swing
  • 3. Add Flowers Or Floral Veins (On Basket) For GirlsĀ  – Optional
  • 4. Boutique Rosette Ribbon To Cover Rope
  • 5. Branch To Hang Swing From (We Used White Birch)

And that’s it!

Some of you may already have some of these items and could start using this idea ASAP!

I hope this has inspired you and got your creative juices flowing :-)

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