Facebook Fan Page Posting Tips For Your Photography Business – Test Results

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you post on your Facebook Fan Page and it seems no one saw your post?

I have my own reasons why this happens and I decided to test my theory on our NPB fan page. You can watch the video below where I cover all the details and my results.

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In order to really test your own fan page…you need to have a fan page first. Some people are still using their own personal Facebook profile page for their business. There’s a big difference between a profile page and a fan page.

You can read my blog post about here

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One advantage of having a fan page is you can see data from your fans and will help see if a post is being viewed.

Facebook Fan Data Photography

Here’s a couple screen shots that show the results from two post that I tested the same day in less than 1 hour a part.

Post #1 was with Text, Image and Link to blog post.

Facebook Photography Fan Page test2

As you can see only 1,207 people saw the post and only 4 people clicked like. Common sense says that if the number of people who saw the post was higher I would have had more likes and more comments.

If we post something on our Fan page we want people to see it. We want to create posts that people will “LIKE”, “Comment” and “Share” to help spread the word.

Here’s where my test proves that not all your posts will be seen and you should create different types of content.

Facebook Photography Fan Page test1

This post was created with just text and no links or images. I feel that Facebook is limiting how many post with links or images show up. The reason I believe is that they are now allowing businesses to post paid ads in peoples news feeds.

So, if they see a post of your with links…it looks like an ad or something that can lead people away from Facebook. They want to promote their advertisers and they want to keep Facebook traffic inside of Facebook.

Keep in mind that this is just my theory, but my test results prove that in this case my post with just text was delivered and seen more than the one with a link and image.

The BIG Takeaway and lesson learned!

  • 1. Post at different times of the day (Morning, Afternoon and Evening)
  • 2. Mix up your posts (Links, Images, Text)
  • 3. Test…Test and Test Some More!

Bonus TIP: Keep in mind that Facebook is a great tool for you to use in your photography business, but you should be creating your own fan base on your own website. If you create a large following on Facebook and one day they decide to ban you or close your account…you will lose all those fans.

What you can do to protect yourself!

Create a blog/website and post your content there as well. Then link from inside Facebook to your posts and build your audience outside of Facebook. They can never take that away from you. You need to protect your business and your fans are a huge asset to you.

If you need to still build a website/blog…click here for help.

I hope this helps you create more reach and engagement with your fans and it helps you grow your business.

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