Engagement Picture Ideas And Tips

Engagement photographs serve many purposes. First of all, they create a lasting memory for the couple to cherish for years to come. But, they also provide photos for save the date items, wedding announcements, wedding invitations and decorations for the actual wedding day.

However, every photographer who shoots these needs to understand the purpose behind this special time and how they need to look. Typically, engagement pictures are posed, yet relaxed. They should clearly express the couple’s love for each other, without the need for captions or explanation.

Here are some great tips for any photographer, who wants to create the perfect engagement shots for their clients:

  • Ensure that everyone is comfortable. This may mean discussing the expectations of the photos as well as how many different shots are wanted. Additionally, not everyone is naturally comfortable in front of a camera. Photographers should do all they can to help their clients relax and have fun with the photo shoot. Once the couple is comfortable, the photographer will be able to relax as well and capture awesome engagement photos.
  • Choose unique and fun locations to take engagement pictures. Stale and stuffy studio shots are a thing of the past. Photographers should think of new and interesting locations such as a train station, boardwalk, carnival or other outdoor space. Adding an element of color and texture makes engagement photos truly special for the couple.
  • When it comes to clothing ensure the couple chooses location appropriate outfits. Usually…keeping it simple helps keep the focus on them.
  • Bring any appropriate accessories and props that will make the shots truly pop. The engagement ring is one that should be photographed for sure.
  • Choose the session time carefully. Most photographers prefer sunset or early morning when the light is not as harsh. Mid-day is appropriate if the day is overcast, however in most cases the light will be too bright to get good shots.
  • While some shots should be posed, photographers should also suggest the couple has fun and interact with each other naturally.These may be some of the best photos of the day.

Remember…engagement pictures are a once in a lifetime opportunity. Photographers should go out of their way to ensure they are as special as the couple desires. In many cases, couples will use this portrait session to determine if a photographer is appropriate to take pictures on their actual wedding day. This can be a huge deal and extraordinary profit opportunity, so photographers should try to meet all of the couple’s requirements during the engagement photo session.

Some other tips for (you) the photographer

  • Scout out appropriate spots prior to the session. Have an idea of where the photo shoot is going to be so the pictures can be planned accordingly.
  • Make sure all equipment is in haul the day of the photo session. Being unprepared is unprofessional and may cause a loss of business.
  • Take more pictures than necessary. It is always better to have too much than not enough. Plus it gives the couple more options for their engagement photos.
  • Make it a fun and relaxing experience for the client. This is, after all, their engagement, which is a special time that they should cherish forever.

Photography is an art, so while we as photographers should meet our clients wants and needs, we need to also let our style shine through in the photos that are taken. This may mean certain surroundings or the types of shots that are taken. Most photographers have a signature style and this should not be overlooked or forgotten because it may be the reason the clients chose us in the first place.

Engagement photos are a special moment in the timeline of a couple’s life together. They should be special and reflect who the couple is and things they share together. If a couple met during a fall festival, this may be the perfect location for the engagement photos. There are no limits on the creative ideas that can be applied to these pictures.

Have fun, relax and let your art speak for itself as life-long memories are created for the engaged couple.

Here’s an Engagement video that will give you some ideas.

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