Earn More Profits By Sending One Email To Past Photography Clients

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Marketing Photography Sales

So many photographers aren’t marketers and wonder why they can’t make enough money to survive. What I’m about to share with you is a simple short email that could make you hundreds if not thousands more per year without doing much more work.

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you have 50 past clients that you can email from the last 90 days. Heck…let’s say you only have 10. It doesn’t matter the number you have really…you can do it with just one person. I’m just using 50 as an example.

So, the Holiday season is winding down and you have already done all your Holiday sessions for the year. Your clients have placed their order and may have already received them. Most business owners are happy at this point and may even be ready to take some time off after the Christmas rush. I know I’ve been there myself.


Here’s where most people leave hundreds…sometimes thousands of dollars on the table. They are sitting on a GOLD Mine and don’t even realize it.

You should always be following up with past clients through email throughout the entire year thanking them for their business and getting feedback. That’s marketing 101…Right?

If you’re not doing this yet…Start NOW!

Here’s the 3 step process to make more money without doing much more work.

Step 1. Write an Email to all your past clients within the past 90 days. I’ve included an example email you could send if you need help writing one.

Make sure you thank them for their business and Make Them A SPECIAL OFFER!

You also want to give them a deadline to make them act NOW!

Example Of How This Could Work:
Let’s say you offer a 30% off discount for any reprints. Let’s say they order an 11×14 which normally sells for $65. They would get $19.50 OFF. They would now pay only $45.50 for that print.

Let’s say you pay $8 for that 11×14. You make $37.50 pure profit for just ordering the picture. This is just one person. You could have many other orders and it’s all Bonus Cash.

Step 2: Send The Email.

Step 3: Fulfill The Orders and Collect Payment

That’s really all there is to it. Write an email, thank them, make offer and add deadline.

I truly believe that if you do this…you will get additional orders and Make More Money!

I have a small quick favor if you decide to do this. After you do this and you do get sales and responses…let me know. I want to hear how this helped you make more sales and open your eyes to the potential you are now aware of.

To Your Success!

Feel Free to Swipe this example Email Copy:
Copy the subject line exactly how I wrote it. I used a lowercase letter on purpose. It looks more like a friend wrote it.

Subject Line To Use:
it’s (Your Name) Scott…you ready for Christmas?

Hi Jane (Clients Name),
I wanted to thank you for allowing us to photograph your children this Holiday season. As our way of saying thanks…we are giving a special discount on reprints to only people like you that purchased one of our Holiday Packages this year.

Until 12-23-13 you can order reprints for 30% Off our regular price and buy some gifts for the family.

If you have any questions…email and let me know.

Once again…I truly appreciate your business and support and I hope you have a great Holiday


Leave a comment down below and let me know your thoughts or if you’ve fallen into this trap.

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