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True Story!

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Whenever I get a chance to share a success story on the blog I quickly sit down and start writing a blog post about it. The other day I received an email from one of our Digital Creation Members explaining how he’s booking portrait parties using our Digital Creations.

Instead of me explaining what he said…I’ll just post the email I received so you get all the details.

Read what James Says….


Hey Scott,

OK, I am lucky enough to be a full time professional photographer, however becoming successful in this field is not easy as more and more people are turning to friends and family who own a half decent camera. I realized I had to stay one step ahead by offering something uncle bob could not.

Although I am full time with weddings, property shoots, family and kids…something was lacking in my business.

Simply offering a standard studio sitting is not enough anymore, because everyone offers it and you can’t book enough to make a living. I stumbled upon you and liked the idea, I listened to what you said about maybe offering portrait parties. So, I searched to see what other photographers where doing and I gave it more thought.

Then one day I was playing in my studio and decided to shoot a little girl with her hands cupped against a white background. The girl thought it was odd, but I reassured her and told her to trust me. Then I used your techniques you teach inside the Digital Creations Club and I placed the girl in the digital creation (Happily Ever After) with the frog .

When her parents saw the proof…they ordered a large print and several smaller ones for family members and they loved it. They went on to say they will be using the print to display at her birthday party. I jumped in and said I can set up a mobile studio at the party and her friends could have it done too.

So, because of you and your backdrops, I now do not even have to advertise that I do children’s parties and I have filled a side of my business I was finding it hard to get into. I do kids birthday parties with a theme. I charge a fixed fee per head and they all get a standard print with the person who’s birthday it is gets a enlarged one. I have girls and boys themes and for teenagers I use your graffiti. 

No other photographer offers this in my area. I never would have thought of this if it was not for you…like I said it is not my main income, but it bumps my sales up and gets my name out there which often leads to more things.
If I could offer any advice to anyone, it would be never give up on your dreams and goals. Stay one step ahead. Learn and keep practicing the tutorials given by Scott and don’t be afraid to use them. By offering special discounted themed sittings, it helps get your name and your services that you offer out there for people to see.


(James Hardy Photography)

Here’s the before and after pictures that James sent me.


Here’s a larger image so you can get the full effect of what he offered his client.


Here’s another example we did when this Digital Creation first came out. It’s called “Happily Ever After” and has been in the club now for a while. Even though we have hundreds of members using this theme…the chances are that one of your competitors is using it, is slim to none.

Like James said…you need something to help make you different and stand out from the crowd. Using Digital Creations can help add a new element to your business that could add to your bottom line.


If you are not using Digital Creations yet and you want to give them a try…Click Here!

This is a just a small sample of what our members have access to inside the club. We have been publishing new content now for over 4 years…including monthly FREE downloads, Videos, Card Templates and more.

I want to finish this post by saying Thanks to James for writing me an email and sharing his success. This is what makes all the hard work that Lisa and I put into our club every single month worth it.

So, there you have it. There’s a simple way to create a unique effect that will give any image an over tone. This works really good for blending Digital Backgrounds and Props.

Bookmark this page for future reference.

If you are wondering what the Digital Creation Portrait was used it’s…“Water Color Countryside” and can be found in the member’s area.

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FYI: As of the time I’m writing this post there’s over 65 Photoshop Tutorials inside the club for immediate access.


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