Digital Backgrounds & Props Bring Photographer More Business

I wanted to share a post that one of our Digital Creation Club member’s just posted on Facebook. It proves that Digital Backgrounds and Props can be added to any photography business and bring in More Clients and More Business.

His name is Ty Bellitti of Ty Bellitti Photography and he did exactly what I have preached for years. Get an idea and TAKE ACTION!

That’s exactly what he did. He joined ourĀ Digital Creation Club on November 17th of 2011 and didn’t waste anytime. He has photographed over 40+ dogs using Digital Backgrounds and Props and his customers are loving these portraits.

Ty explains “I never thought to use digital background until I watched a Digital Creations youtube video by accident. I loved the idea and quickly became a member”.

He also gives a few tips on how he received his 40+ dogs to photograph and it something that I’ve taught in the past and is still a great technique.

1. Find businesses that your target market is already buying from.

2. Offer something to the business owner that will give value to their customers

It’s a WIN WIN!

So….I hope you can see that you always want to be open to try new ideas and expand what you offer your clients. Hey…you never know :-)

Click the link below if you want to learn more about adding Digital Creations in your business.


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