Digital Background Holiday Portrait Ideas Using Presents

Here’s another simple idea for the Holidays that can be done using real physical presents and backdrops or using Digital Backgrounds & Props.

These examples are from our Digital Creation Club’s new set called “Holiday Happenings“.

It’s gonna be a BIG HIT :-)


Here’s the breakdown of this shot and what makes it so GREAT!

1. Use Simple Presents (Stay away from busy wrapping paper and patterns)

2. Have child or the children dress accordingly. If they come in a bad outfit…your shot will pay for it. Usually simple clothes are the best and adding a hat gives it a nice touch too. You may even want to start collecting hats to offer at your sessions.

3. The background or backdrop also needs to go with the theme and should not be distracting.

That’s basically it for this shot. You can create this set very easily and your clients will love it.

TIP: Try to surround your subject with the presents like in this image. The kids will have fun and the portrait will show.

No Presents – Older Subject

Here we used the same background and just skipped the presents. Once again…look at the clothing and see how it’s simple and goes very well with this background.

The other thing you should also notice is that posing also helps create your professional portraits.

Feel Free to swipe these ideas and study the clothing and posing to help make your images even BETTER!

Sometimes it’s the small things that make a BIG difference.


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