Creating A Fun Summer Portrait Using Digital Backgrounds

I wanted to share a portrait that was created using Digital Backgrounds and Photoshop.

As a photographer we’re always looking for new fun ways to create portraits for a clients. This can be frustrating at times when you just don’t feel like being creative or you’re just not seeing the vision.

Usually an Artist…like a photographer, needs inspiration to get the creative flow moving. That’s what I wanted to do with this idea that Lisa and I came up with for one of our Digital Creations. It’s called “Summertime Lemonade”.

Digital Background Lemonade

Forget that it’s a Digital Background and Prop we created for a minute and just study the idea. You can easily model this idea by using some stuff right around the house.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. A nice day with some blue skies. Usually a field or park is a good background that has flowers or a pond.

2. A glass or plastic pitcher for the lemonade and glasses

3. Lemonade in the pitcher and glasses

4.Wire or wicker stand

5. Lemons to include around the tray

6. Optional: Include some Sun Flowers

That’s basically all you’ll need to create this portrait.

I hope you can see that this an easy way for you to create a new portrait idea for your clients very easily.

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Happy Shooting :-)



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