Creating 2 Portraits Using 1 Photo – Creative Cropping

I wanted to share a very simple way to create more than one look from the same image. I recently created these two shots for our Digital Creation’s club. and wanted to share these on the blog.

Here’s the original portrait (Golden Mountain View) in a horizontal shot.

Then I decided to create a close up of the two girls that would give the portrait  a completely different look. I wanted to go with a vertical layout and still keep some of the foreground elements in the final crop.

Here’s the simple steps I used to crop this image and keep the detail and quality to enlarge into an 8×10 and all the way up to a 20×24 inch portrait.

Step #1: Make sure you set you size and resolution before you crop the image.

Step# 2: Select your area by clicking and dragging with the crop tool

Step# 3: Use the “Thirds Grid” to give your crop the best site lines.

Here’s a few tips for cropping:

1. Never cut off hands or fingers
2. Never crop just below the knee
3. Cutting into the top of the head can be a nice touch

Few more examples….

Full Horizontal Original

Cropped Vertical Version

Extreme Close-Up From Same Portrait Session – Different Pose

I hope you can see that by cropping your images in a vertical or another site line…that you can create an entirely different look to offer your clients. It’s a simple technique that many photographers don’t use enough.

I hope this has inspired you and got your creative juices flowing :-)

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