Children’s Posing Guide – Step by Step Posing For Kids

I recently posted this Posing Guide for kids on Facebook and it received a HUGE response. If you’re interested in learning more about posing Children, you should check this out.

If you’re anything like me and most photographers, looking at examples helps understand how to use certain poses. It gives you ideas to build from and helps when you need to think on the spot.

Once you continue to add new poses and see what works, posing will start to become more natural and normal for you to think of on your own.

Tip: Create Your Own Swipe File

Now with the Internet you can look at other photographer’s work and create a swipe files and bookmark their pages to help create some inspiration. But, as you know…it can take hours to find photographers you like and look through countless pictures.  But, if you have the time…Do IT!

If you want a guide that explains and shows examples…I recommend this new posing guide from Digital Photography School.

FYI: Just so you know, I earn a small commission if you purchase through my link above)

Here’s the truth with books and education.

I still have our first book that we purchased when first starting and still look at it today. I think we paid something like $40 over 12 years ago, but was well worth it.

Remember…whenever you invest in your education it will help make you a better photographer, and in return allow you to get more clients.

Click Here to download this posing book INSTANTLY!

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