Children’s Photography Portrait Studio Tips – Getting The Shot

As you may know, photographing children can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to if you be creative.

As a Children’s Portrait Studio owner, I have learned a few techniques that work really well. You should try different tips and tricks until you find one that works for you and the child you’re photographing.

Here’s a list of 5 tips you can use in your photography studio as soon as Today!

Tip #1 – The Penny Trick

For a child that won’t sit , place a penny on the spot you want them to sit. The key is to make it a game. Tell them that you want them to hide the penny so nobody else can see it. They usually laugh and think it’s funny. You get them to smile naturally and sit wherever you want them. It works really well.

It doesn’t have to be a penny. It can be a flower for a girl or a small car for a boy. It just needs to be small enough to sit on.

Tip #2 – The Bubble Chair

Place a chair on your background or wherever you want your subject and tell them it’s a special bubble chair. Explain that you’re going to blow a bubble and you want them to catch it. But…it only works if they’re on the special bubble chair. Once again, make it a game and the kid’s will play along.

You’ll need a helper to blow the bubble or bubbles. Usually a parent will help with this.

Tip #3 – The Tape Trick

In our studio, we usually always take shots of children looking down and not directly at the camera. One example would be a 9 month old child in our antique washtub theme. It’s a great shot and parents always love it.

But…how do you get a difficult child to do this? It’s simple. You apply a small piece of scotch tape to their finger or toe and they will automatically look at it or try and pull it off. You only need a few seconds to get the shot.

Tip #4 – I can’t See You Trick

Sometimes you’ll have a child that doesn’t like their picture taken and won’t look at you or the camera. This is common and don’t force them… it won’t work. Once again…we make it a game.

If you don’t have a helper, look through your camera and pretend like you can’t see them. Actually move your camera around like you’re trying to find them. Say their name and then say…oh there you are. Then once again say…I can’t find you, are you there, I can’t see you. This has worked really well for us and the parents are usually amazed by this technique. They can’t believe it works.

Tip #5 – Say Anything But Cheese Trick

You will always get a parent that says the words “Say Cheese” and wonder why the smile is forced and looks unnatural.

Make it fun for the kid’s and use other words or sayings that get them to laugh. Then…wait for the smile to come down and take the shot. You always want to let the smile relax when they’re laughing. Instruct the parents not to say cheese or smile. Most of the time it looks fake.

So, there you have it. Some easy and very effective techniques we’ve learned over the years that should work for you.

One last tip is to “Be Patient” and you’ll get the shots. Never show the child you’re getting stressed or frustrated. They’ll sense it and it will show in your shots.

Always have fun and the kids will too.

Happy Shooting! :-)

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