Children Picture Ideas – Using Digital Backdrop And Prop

In this post I want to share a new picture idea that can be used for small children or babies. Lisa had this idea for a few months now and finally put all the pieces together to create this unique Digital Creation. We have since named it “Up-Up and AWAY!”

Now keep in mind that this can be created by either buying the real components and shooting this in a real studio or by using it as a Digital Creation in Photoshop.

Here’s the basic elements to create this unique portrait.

  • 1. Tall Wicker Basket
  • 2. Attached Cloth Banner On Front
  • 3. Thick Twine For Rope
  • 4. Paper Lantern – This was a little tricky, because we needed to make it a little larger so it would appear like a real Hot Air Balloon.
  • 5. This was shot in tall grass as if it was in a field were it landed.
  • 6. Cloud/Sky Background – We used a hand painted one and blended it into the real grass.

I want to share the before pictures that we used as well, so you can see that these initial shots were not intended to be used for this purpose. But now having a digital version available…we can further use these shots to create a wider variety of portraits.

The Before And After Portrait

Here’s another version using a newborn baby from a different portrait session we did. Once again we used an image of a newborn we had already taken. But… you can very easily create this set in your studio and have the baby inside the basket.


[box] BONUS TIP: You will need to fill the wicker basket with a pillow or blankets to build it up so the baby is on top. Then use a soft blanket that blends with the wicker color of the basket. [/box]


Here’s the before shot we used for this portrait

Finished Portrait Using Digital Creation

So…I hope this post has inspired you to create a similar portrait…either by using the “In Studio” concept or by using our Digital Creation set “Up…Up and AWAY!”.

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