Breathtaking Portraits Using Digital Backgrounds

I was just updating our Digital Creations Club with 3 new Digital Backgrounds and it hit me. I need to show the world that most anyone can create beautiful portraits.  I say anyone…but you do need to have a passion for photography and truly Enjoy It!

But, if you’re reading this blog post…you must love photography. :-)

I wanted to post a few shots from 2 of the new sets and show you the before and after shots, so you can see for yourself.

Here’s a shot that was taken from one of our  Digital Creations Club members (Judy Kasper). This was shot on a black background and made it pretty easy to cut out in Photoshop.


Here’s the after shot that I created. By using the Digital Creation, I was able to just cut out the dog in Photoshop and then insert him. I’m sure that if you had this image enlarged to a 16×20 or larger….you’ll get some heads to turn.


Now I wanted to also show how this same Digital Creation could be used for subjects other than pets. You always want to try and use subjects that target your market. If you’re creating a portrait to hang in your local pet grooming salon…go with portrait #1. This will align your services with their services.

Here’s the before image I used to create the 2nd portrait.


And once again, after about 5 minutes on this one…I created another beautiful portrait using a Digital Background.


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Here’s 2 more shots that were created with another one of our Digital Backgrounds. It’s called “Summer Picnic” and it works really well.



For more information about our club…Click Here!

So…I just wanted to post these examples of how using Digital Backgrounds and Props can turn you into a professional almost overnight. Plus…it gives you access to $1,000’s of dollars worth of hand painted backdrops and props that you don’t have to purchase.

…and yes I would love you to join our club and start using our Digital Creations in your business.

Even if you just add these to your existing business…I’m sure your clients will love them and you’ll start to create some buzz.

Talk to ya soon!

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