Best Size Image For Photography Facebook Fan Page – Best Quality

This post is going to be an added lesson to the previous lessons I created for marketing your business using Facebook fan pages.

Here’s the links to the past Facebook lessons if you missed them.

One of the main items that people see when visiting your Facebook fan page is your timeline cover. You want this to be the best quality as possible to represent your business.

Watch this video below where I share how to create the highest quality Timeline cover for your Facebook Fan Page.

As I mentioned in one of my recent post, it’s very important to create your own fan page and not use your personal profile page to promote your business.

If you missed this video and post…watch it here.

Facebook can be a huge asset to promote your business and find new clients. I included many techniques and strategies in my book “The Step By Step Guide For Finding New Clients”.

If you haven’t downloaded and read it yet…click here.

If you have any questions or comments…leave them below this post.

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