Before and After Shots Using Digital Backgrounds

Here’s a few shots that Becky VanPeeren posted from our Digital Creation’s Club. She did a great job creating these portraits and took the time to plan before the actual shot. This made the final image look flawless and you would never know it was a Digital Background Set..

The lesson here is to take a little time to plan for your session and it makes things a lot easier in post edit. This shot wasn’t shot in a studio or with any over the top lighting set up. She has a well exposed image shot against a white wall. Sweet and simple :-)




Shooting TIP: Try to leave at least 4 ft between your subject and your background or backdrop anytime your photographing a subject. This will help reduce harsh shadows and allow some separation.

One last thing…Beck used our Elegant Velvet Parlor Digital Creation set from our Digital Creation’s Club.

Have fun and Happy Shooting :-)


UPDATE: So many people wanted to know the lighting set up…so I emailed Becky and asked what she used.

I put together a little diagram from what she told me. It’s like I said…pretty basic, but she received well exposed images to cut out in Photoshop. In the end…she created Amazing Portraits!


She even said this was her first attempt after joining our Digital Creation’s Club.

Here’s what she said:

These were actually some of my first portraits I made using digital backgrounds. I never even used photoshop, till I found you that is, because it was all so overwhelming. Everything I did to these pictures was learned from your videos!!!

So..I guess you can tell people that they really don’t need over the top lighting set ups to achieve┬ábeautiful portraits.

Again thank you so much for choosing my portraits, you really made my day!!!

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