(Before and After) Digital Backgrounds Create More Amazing Portraits



I wanted to share another portrait that one of our new Digital Creation’s Club members created.

She wrote me an email asking if I’d take a look at her first attempt. I was blown away.

She did AWESOME!

Here’s what she said:


Hi Scott,

I Joined about a month ago, after reading and watching all your lessons on the membership page (which took me about 2 1/2 weeks, mostly because I have 3 very young children).

I have never used these techniques in Photoshop, only used the clone, dodge ( which I used the burn tool to create shadow under the dress and feet) and other basic tools.

Before I decided to offer this technique… I gave it a try.

I download the Easter Digital Creation and then photographed my daughter on a white background. Then cut her out using many of the techniques you provided. I just would like  you if possible to look at it and let me know what may need to be corrected.

It looks good to me but I think there is something off about it, cannot put my finger on it ( just could be my daughter extremely Pale skin).

It is amazing what Photoshop can do.

Thanks for all the hard work you put in to your videos and other things on the site they are a big help.

Best regards and thanks!
Liv B.


Check out the images below that she sent me so you can see the Before and After. She did AWESOME!

I wanted to show that if you’re willing to learn, you can create Amazing portraits. Even if you just want to add this service to your current business. People will love them :-)



She used our Bunny Easter Surprise to create this portrait. The sample image below shows how it comes with and without the tree.

Here’s another portrait using the same Digital Creation by another member.

Denise Riggs Portrait Design


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