Baby Picture Ideas And How To Create Unique Baby Photography Props


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Hey guys! This is Lisa from New Portrait Biz. Today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about making your own unique props for your studio. I really feel that if you can offer your clients unique props and backgrounds, they’re going to want to come to you.

I know when we first started our business, what I did is I would go and I would scour garage sales, flea markets, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Salvation Army. I would go anywhere that I could find a prop. I really feel that because of that it really kick-started our business.

Within a few months, our phone was ringing off the hook. People would bring their proofs into their office, to their family members and once they start sharing them, everybody wanted to come, they wanted to know who we were and our number and they just wanted to setup an appointment.

So, I really feel like if you can be creative and come up with your own unique ideas in props that it’s really going to do the same for your business. I just wanted to share with you one of my latest props that I created. I just wanted to show you how I made it and all the components used.

This prop set is what I call our Rock-a-bye-baby prop. I was walking to Marshalls one day and I happened to see this on the shelf and I just thought it was adorable. It just reminds me of a little baby bird’s nest and I just thought a little baby or infant would look so sweet in this.

I thought, if I wanted to dress it up for a little girl, make it look a little more feminine, I would have to add a little floral piece. I ran over to Michael’s and I grabbed this garland. This has litt

le berries and little silk roses

on it. And I just thought it was really sweet. So, you can just put this on like so.

For a boy, though I’d probably wouldn’t use that. I would just leave it plain. And then I would also put a little blanket in here so the baby can sit in it. If it’s an infant or a newborn, I would put some foam, some padding in the bottom, and a blanket and then maybe have them lying on their tummy. And so you see their little bottom sticking up, I just think that would be adorable.

And, if you want to take this to the next level, you may want to hang it like a swing. That’s what I decided to do. So again I ran to Michael’s and I found this birch tree branch. It was winter time when I decided to do this prop it was February and it was snowing here.

So, I didn’t feel like trekking out in the woods and cutting a limb myself. Luckily…Michael’s had this branch. This was 14.99. They did think I was a little strange going to the line. She kind of looked at me like “You’re buying this?” It was kinda funny :-)

Then you’re going to want to get some rope, some heavier rope, you can attach it  and obviously you want to make it strong enough to hold the baby. And, if you want to have it look a little more feminine, if this is for a girl, you can cover it with some ribbon. I ran over to Wal-Mart and found this ribbon. It’s called a rosette ribbon and I just think this again adds such a sweet feminine touch for a little girl. And, you can just put this over the rope. It’s not strong enough to hold on its own, but it can kind of camouflage the rope making it look really sweet.

So hopefully, this has inspired you and you can head out to the stores and start looking for your own unique props that you can wow your clients with. We recently made this available to our Digital Creation’s Club members if you’re interested.


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