Baby Photography Tips For Infants And Newborns

scale_photo_prop We all know that photographing a newborn can be  somewhat challenging and unpredictable. Here are some useful Baby Photography Tips For Infants And Newborns that can make your sittings go as smoothly as possible.

Tips #1 Learning The Location

If this is a location shoot, you will probably want to visit the home first, so you can check out the windows and be sure that you will have adequate light.  If this is not possible,  ask the parents what the lighting is like for the particular  time of day that your sitting is scheduled.

Tips #2 Discuss The Wardrobe

Discuss with the parents prior to the sitting how they feel about the baby’s  wardrobe. You should consider photographing their wrinkly, soft-skinned bodies, so try to encourage the parents to forego  the clothing.

They  are only an infant  for  such  a short period of time and we want to capture every little part of them!  Make sure to  remind parents to remove clothes or anything that may leave marks on the baby’s delicate skin approximately 1 hour prior to the sitting.  This really helps in post-editing so you won’t be spending all of your time getting rid of sock marks,  etc.

Tips #3 Room Temperature

Before the sitting, make sure that the room or location is very warm.  Newborns can be very uncooperative when they are cold. I  sometimes use a heating pad underneath the backdrop or material that the baby is laying on for extra warmth.

Tips #4  Be Prepared

Be sure to have any props, baby posers, backdrops, etc. ready prior to the  sitting.  Keep hand sanitizer, clean blankets, paper towels, disinfectant cleaner, baby wipes and tissues handy.  Trust me, you will need these things!

Tips #5 Natural Posing

Pose infants in their natural position.  It looks awkward and unnatural to see  them sitting upright .  A beanbag poser is an easy way to pose a baby because it naturally molds around the baby’s body.  Not to mention that it is  very safe and  comfortable  for the infant.

Tips #6 Choose The Right Height  And Angles

Get down to their level.  When you shoot down low at the baby’s level, you are bringing the viewer into the baby’s world vs. standing over the baby and looking  down on it.  Very often, I lay on the floor on my stomach for some great captures.

Although, most of my time is spent at the baby’s level, it is a good idea to consider other angles.  You can also try shooting from a bird’s eye view or from down below the baby’s level to show other interesting perspectives.

Photographing newborns and infants requires a lot of patience.  I always allow extra time for these sessions because they can be so unpredictable.  Follow these tips and you will be on your way to nailing your next newborn session.

Happy Shooting! :-)

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