Adding Pixie Dust And Effects To Fairy Portraits – Photoshop Tutorial

Over the years we’ve created a few different Fairy type portraits for our Digital Creation’s Club and they’ve always been very popular. In this post I want to share some simple techniques for adding a little more creativity to your fairy portraits.

There’s always been 3rd party plugins that usually cost a lot of money to use and create. But, I wanted to show you a simple and FREE way to add similar effects to your fairy portraits without spending your hard earned cash.

I’m going to show you how to add pixie dust, shooting stars and simple glows to different parts of your images. But, the one thing I would like to say first is that sometimes less is more. As you will see in the Digital Creation (Woodland Fairy) that I used for an example in this lesson.

I added a few subtle elements to accent certain parts and it adds just enough to give it that fairytale look.


Here’s The Before


Watch The Video Below To See How To Add These Effects

The basic idea in this Photoshop Tutorial is to use brushes and create the fairy dust, but also to create templates and select the layers screen mode as overlays. The reason I like creating templates is so I can keep a folder of all my favorite effects and I can further adjust color of the effects.

The first thing you will need to use this technique is some Fairy Dust Brushes. You can find tons of FREE brushes by doing a Google search. Just make sure you read the usage terms and make sure they can be used for commercial use.

The one site I usually search is Just be careful when searching for anything FREE, because some of these sites are spammy and they will hammer you with annoying pop up ads.

In the video I mentioned that I was going to create a folder with some pre-made fairy dust overlays for our Digital Creation’s club members to download. If you’re a club member you’ll find these inside the Member’s Area under the Tab (FREE Templates).


I hope this post and Photoshop tutorial helps you add a little more creativity to your Fairy Portraits!

Bookmark this page for future reference.

This Digital Creation (Woodland Fairy) can be found inside our club store and can be downloaded instantly. Plus, the FREE Fairy Dust overlay pack.

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FYI: As of the time I’m writing this post there’s over 65 Photoshop Tutorials inside the club for immediate access just like this one.


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