7 Easter Portrait Ideas Using Digital Backgrounds And Photo Props

Easter portraits are one of the busiest times for photography studios and can be very profitable. The problem that most studios face is keeping things fresh for their past clients or just new creative ideas to draw in new business.

This is why every year we add new portraits that our Digital Creation’s Club members can use during the busy Easter season. I wanted to share in this post a few portraits we have created for our club and that photographers are now using in their businesses.

Even if you don’t use digital props or backgrounds yet…you will find these portraits helpful for inspiration. Whatever you do…always stay creative and your clients will keep coming back and talking about your portraits.

Picture 1 – Happy Easter Greetings

Picture 2 -Farm Fresh Eggs

Picture 3 – Farm Fresh Eggs (Older Child)

Picture 4 – Flower Box Gardens

Picture 5 – Chickies In The Box

Picture 6 – Golden Mountain View

Picture 7 – Easter Bunny Bucket

So…you may have noticed that we used the same little girl in three of these portraits. That’s the wonderful thing of using Digital Creations. You can take the shot once and then create many portraits for your clients to choose from.

I hope these portraits have helped you get creative and see how important it is to stay fresh for your clients. The more you have to offer…the more chances you have that they will buy more portraits. It’s that simple :-)

I hope you enjoyed this post and you put it to use :-)

Good Luck!

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