7 Creative Fathers Day Portrait Ideas For Photographers

As a photographer we’re always looking for new ideas for creative unique portraits especially for holidays or certain times of the year. In this post we’ll be discussing Father’s day portrait ideas and some simple ways to create that special keepsake.

These images were created for our Digital Creation’s club, but you could use these as inspiration to create your own portrait.

Portrait #1 – Gone Fishing

For the Dad that loves fishing, you could use this idea or something similar.


If you have a pet…you can include them as well.


Portrait #2 – Born To Ride

Here’s an idea for the Motorcycle Dad.


Portrait #3 – Flying The Skyline



Portrait #4 – Little Golfers

We all know there’s a lot of Dad’s that play Golf and would love this portrait.



Portrait #5 – Sharp Dressed Business Man

This is a great idea for the the Dad that spends time at the office.


Portrait #6 – Rusted Warehouse

This image could work for the Dad that works at a factory, Garage or in a workshop.


Portrait #7 – License Plate Travels

This is for the Dad that loves cars or works as a mechanic.


So, there you have it. There’s 7 portrait ideas you can use for Father’ day. These examples were created as Digital Backgrounds and Props, but could be used as inspiration to create your own unique shots.

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