6 Digital Photography Tips For Better Composition and Framing

composition_tips You can have the best camera and the best lighting, but if you don’t practice your composition and learn how to frame your shots, you pictures will be just average. It all starts with a vision and learning how to put a picture together in the cameras viewfinder. The camera is a tool that allows you to transfer your vision on the photo paper.

In this article you will find 6 composition and framing tips to help you improve your photography skills  and create shots that are  more than just average.

Tip #1 Shoot Vertical

When shooting a human subject, your format will be vertical 99% of the time. This is what a photographer calls a  “Portrait”. If you shoot horizontally, it’s referred to as a “Landscape”.

Tip #2 Shoot Off Center

One thing that a lot of beginning photographers do is capture their subject exactly in the middle of the frame. There is no rule that says you have to place the subject in the center of the photograph.  Some  compositions can be more exciting and dramatic if the subject is framed off-center. It gives the image a sense of movement and leads the viewer into the photographer.

Tip # 3 Fill The Frame

Try to fill up the frame with the subject.  It is natural to show too much of the  surroundings by shooting too wide.  Very successful head shots can be produced when there is no space above the head or even with some of the head cropped off. This simple tip alone can make your ordinary photos look more professional and interesting.

Tip # 4 Using Your Subjects Eyes

The eyes are our most expressive feature. Try to keep the eyes in the upper third of the frame and not exactly in the center.  Very often the viewer of a photograph is drawn to the face and expressive eyes can make a very dramatic photograph.

Tip #5 Create Your Own Center

There should be only one center of interest when creating you images.  You may have several subjects in the photograph but you can still achieve this by having the subjects touching one another or overlapping.

Tip #6 – Learn What To Crop

Don’t crop off limbs at the joints.  For example, a photograph that is cropped at the elbow will look strange.  Cropping at the forearm or bicep area will give a more natural look.

Final Thoughts:

Use these simple Digital photography Tips to help you improve your composition and framing. Practice often and learn from every shot you take and soon you will be shooting like a professional.

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