5 Tips For Creating A Successful Photography Business – Marketing

successIcon One of the biggest things that will differentiate your photography business from the big box stores is your level of customer service. Here’s 5 Tips For Creating A Successful Photography Business to help you not only set yourself apart from other studios but also help you build strong client relationships.

Tip #1 Go the Extra Mile.

If you find their child or pet is a little difficult to work with, spend more time with them. Show them you care about taking whatever time is needed to get that special shot. Many people get embarrassed if their child or pet is not cooperating. Reassure them, make them comfortable and extend every courtesy in helping them. People love to feel special and important. This one point alone will keep your clients coming back and encourages them to tell others about you and your studio in glowing terms.

Tip #2 Be Prompt in Having Their Proofs Ready.

Other companies may be slower in getting their proofs and prints back to their clients. Be diligent on your follow-ups. Getting the proofs into your client’s their hands quickly can help maintain a high degree of interest and earns you more professional respect.

Tip #3 Traditional Viewing vs. Online Proofing.

This is probably the most important concept you need to learn. The traditional one-on-one viewing of  hard copy prints will do more to build your business than the impersonal presentation of on-line images. First, when they come to your studio, they can see the large prints you have up on the wall so you can show them what their print will look like. Because they can see the difference between smaller prints and larger prints, you will have the opportunity of up-selling to a larger size. When you hand them a 4×6 proof, they take possession of the actual physical copy of their image it becomes more real and personal to them than seeing them on the web.

Tip # 4 Using Customers for Marketing.

Putting your contact information and website on the back of each proof makes a great marketing tool. When they show the proofs to friends and relatives, many of them will take the time to go to your website to see your work. Once you have them there, have a special coupon available for download by simply filling out their contact information and email address. In all likelihood, the more proofs you have in circulation the more business you will see coming your way.

Tip #5 Offering the Extras.

As a general rule, whatever size print you first show people, that will be the size they most likely will buy. Always show them larger sizes. Usually they are so taken by the impact of larger prints that up-selling to a larger size is not a problem. Most people would like to be able to pick up their photograph all ready to hang on the wall. Perhaps adding a framing option would give you the opportunity to create a little more revenue plus provide your customers with a complete “Click and Hang” service.

It can’t be emphasized enough that great customer service is what will bring your clients back to you year after year. Developing that special one-on-one relationship with your clients and prospective clients is vital to establishing a strong foundation for your business. It is a very worthwhile investment of your time and resources.

I hope you enjoyed these tips.

Happy Shooting :-)


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