4 Spring Portrait Ideas For Photographers

Just like any major holiday like Christmas or Easter, we as photographers need to be thinking ahead and planning for the marketing opportunity. As I’m writing this post we are currently in April and Spring is finally here. Well…kinda :-)

In the North East it’s still cold and people are hardly looking to get their pictures taken outside. Even if you live in the south, the spring flowers may not be up yet and the surrounding trees may not be so pleasing to the eye.

So…why not create a spring setting in your studio?

If you don’t have a studio…you can always use Digital Backgrounds and achieve a similar look.

Promote Special Spring Portrait Sessions

As Photographers we have to also be Marketers and always have specials and fresh ideas for our clients. Having a spring special is an excuse for you to let your past or future clients to give you a call. 

Here’s a few portrait ideas we created for our Digital Creation’s Club and may give you some inspiration to create your own special SPRING Portrait Sessions.

The first portrait idea is what we named “Gazebo Garden Walk”and has a nice spring feel.

Bonus Tip: You always want to name your themes or sets that you offer. It will make them seem more exclusive to your clients.

FYI: The “Gazebo Garden Walkway” is our FREE download this month for our Digital Creation’s club members.

Portrait #2 is called “Gone Fishing” and would be a sure hit for Father’s Day”. So, not only should you be thinking about promoting spring portraits, how about Fathers Day? How About Mother’s Day?

Portrait #3 is all about spring and is called “Field Of Flowers”. This shows a nice sunny day with a bright blue sky. These colors just make you want to smile :-)

Portrait #4 is called “Up-Up And Away” and has rich green colors that also includes some fun by adding a unique balloon prop.

Spring Is Finally Here!

So…as you can see by the portraits above, you can create spring…even if there’s a foot of snow on the ground :-)

If you would like access to these and many more…Check out our club!

===>Digital Creation Members===>Login Here

I hope this gives you the push to start promoting Spring, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day portraits…NOW!

Do Nothing and Receive Nothing

The one thing I have learned over the years is that if you don’t take action and do something…you will receive nothing back. If you want more business or just to get people thinking about pictures, you should send out reminders about your specials and what you’re offering.

Now with Facebook and social media…it couldn’t be easier to get the word out.

Happy Spring and Good Luck!

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