3 Tips For Better Portrait Photography (Lighting & Backdrops)

Well…Joe and I just finished up our first EzFlashPhotography lighting workshop and it was AWESOME!

We had over 100 students that went through and tested our new class and gave it a BIG Thumbs Up :-)

But…that’s not what this post is about. We wanted to share one of the questions that came in from the class, and hopefully help you create better portraits.

The lesson was created from a portrait that one of our students submitted in the class and wanted to know how to fix it. So…we created a video that explains exactly how to make it better.

*****Here’s what we’ll be talking about in this short lesson*****

  • 1. How to get your white backdrop to actually look white. (No, it’s not about white balance, but yes you should always keep an eye on that too.)
  • 2. How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Your Background (We talk about creating a shallow Depth Of Field and making the backdrop out of focus.)
  • 3. We Give A Few Pointers On How To Avoid Eye Glass Glare (Sometimes the smallest things can make a HUGE difference.)

Click the play button below to watch the lesson!

Make sure to leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

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