2 Amazing Portrait Ideas Using Digital Backgrounds And Props

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New Digital Creation’s Member Doesn’t Mess Around!


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I wanted to post a couple of new portrait ideas for you that will work well for Easter or Spring shoots.

These were created for our Digital Creations Club as Digital Backgrounds and Props, but you could create similar shots using unique props and backgrounds.

The first shot we named “Spring Bowl“. I know pretty unique :-)


It’s pretty simple and only requires a few items to create this shot.

  • 1. Hand painted background or soft muted muslin backdrop. The key here is to have soft colors that give a springtime feel.
  • 2. Find a large bowl that is unique and has earthy soft colors. You want to have the bowl blend with the backdrop and have a special unique shape.
  • 3. Add painted Easter eggs around the bowl. This is optional to give it a Easter theme and to accent the soft colors in the background.

The second shot we named “Spring Basket“. Yep…we got really creative with that name too!


This is very similar to the first shot. The basket is what makes this shot different from the last. Props can add so much to your shots…if not overdone. You want to find unique props at antique stores, thrift shops, flea markets, garage sales, any place that sell unique items.

This shot we used the same backdrop, but just added the new basket.

Now…because we created a Digital Creation Set, we produced two portraits with just one shot. We shot the baby on a white backdrop and then cut her out to insert her in the Bowl and the Basket.

So…I hope you can see that anyone can create unique portraits with just a few unique props. Sometimes clients will come to your studio for a special unique prop they saw from a friend’s portrait session.

My Final Thoughts…..

It’s all about being UNIQUE!

We wanted to make it even easier for you to give this Digital Background thing a try. Until Friday, the 25th you can gain access to the club for just $1. This is another way of saying thanks to our loyal NPB subscribers.

Check Out The Digital Creation’s Club Here

Here’s another example below


Check Out The Digital Creation’s Club Here


New Digital Creation’s Member Doesn’t Mess Around!


Misty didn’t mess around. She joined the club, downloaded the monthly Digital Creation and created a beautiful portrait. She asked for some advice through Facebook and I responded what I recommended. It’s funny, because I created a tutorial in the club for February that shows exactly what I did.

I’m including the before and after shot from the simple technique I shared with Misty.


Here’s the adjustments I told her I applied to the image that improved the overall portrait.


I wanted to share this image, because it shows how someone decided to give our club a try and received an AMAZING portraitin return.Misty didn’t waste anytime and has proved that she can do this.

Check Out The Digital Creation’s Club Here

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