11 Photoshop Blog Posts For Using Digital Backgrounds Like A Pro (#10 Is Popular)

In this post I decided to compile a list of 11 Photoshop Blog Posts For Using Digital Backgrounds and Props that I recently published here on the blog. I wanted to have these listed all in one place making it easier for you to find and use in the future.

The ideas for these lessons are usually inspired by our Digital Creation’s club members, which I have created well over 65 lessons to date.

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These 9 blog posts I’m listing here consist of video lessons, screenshots and written instructions explaining tips and technique to improve your digital images.

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Sizing For Digital props

1. 3 Tips For Creating Realistic Portraits Using Digital Props And Backgrounds (I Use #3 Everyday)


2.Easy Blending Technique When Using Digital Backdrops and Photo Props

Photoshop Tutorial Overlay Trick

3. How To Use Photoshop Overlays For Adding Texture and Tones (Plus Download)

Sharpening Images In photoshop

4. 3 Simple Steps For Sharpening Images In Photoshop Using Unsharp Mask


5. Photoshop Trick For Sepia Tone Tinting Portraits

Photoshop Soft Image Effect

6. How To Create Soft Image Effect Using Photoshop


7. How To Create Grunge Effects Using These Photoshop Tricks


8. How To Add Color POP To Your Images Using Photoshop Trick


9. Photoshop Tutorial To Create Cover Up Layers For Digital Props And Backgrounds


10. Cutting Out Your Image In Photoshop – Step By Step Guide (Screenshots)

photoshop cutout

11. How To Cut Out An Image In Photoshop For Digital Backgrounds (Video)

Bookmark this page for future reference.

All of these examples used in these posts were created using our Digital Creations that can be found inside our club. There’s currently hundreds of unique digital backgrounds and props as well as over 65 Photoshop Tutorials.

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