10 Back To School Picture Ideas Using Simple Props

The one thing about being a photographer is that you have to always stay one step ahead of your market. When it’s Summer, you need to be thinking about Fall and when it’s Fall, you need to think about the Holidays. You get the idea :-)

We’re always trying to help our Digital Creation’s club by creating new portrait ideas that they can start promoting, before the season starts.

In this post I want to share some of the new and past Digital Creation’s we’ve created and you can use as ideas for the “Back To School” season.

I picked 10 ideas that will hopefully help you create something different for your clients this year.

Also, I want you to pay attention to the subjects and what they are wearing and what they are holding. This makes a big difference between an “OK” picture and “GREAT” picture.

Ok…here we go!

This first image we call “ABC School Bus”

Image 2 – This is from our “Back To School Background Set” (Apple Door)


Image 3 – This is from our “Back To School Background Set” (The Chalkboard)


Image 4 – This is from our “Back To School Background Set” (The Yellow Bus)


Image 5 – This is from our “Back To School Background Set” (Distressed Lockers)


Image 6 – This is from our “Back To School Background Set” (Row of Lockers)


Image 7 – This is from our “Back To School Background Set” (Book Club)


Image 8 – This is from our “Back To School” set


Image 9 – This is from our “School Day” set


Image 10 – This is from our “School Day” set


As you can see from the images I just shared with you, that by just using a few simple props can really help make the image unique.

TIP: If you use any of these ideas or if you are one of our Digital Creation’s club members, have your subjects hold something that’s related to the theme. In this case it could be books, pencils, apple, backpack or anything that goes with a school theme.

Bookmark this page for future reference.

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FYI: As of the time I’m writing this post there’s over 65 Photoshop Tutorials inside the club for immediate access just like this one.

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