Welcome…to NewPortraitBiz.com where we create FREE Portrait Photography and Marketing Tips for all different types of photographers. We have lessons for the beginner that are just starting to the pro photographer looking for some advanced marketing tips. Take a minute to look through some of our current lessons and see what will best help you and your photography.


Beginner Photography Tips

Usually when first getting started…the hardest thing to figure out is your camera. There are so many terms and words that other photographers are using and it can be very confusing. These will help you understand and start feeling comfortable with your camera.


The second hardest thing for most newbies to figure out is lighting and how to expose the picture properly. These videos and blog posts will help you understand how to use lighting to compliment your photography and your subjects.


After you understand the technical side of things with your camera and lighting, you need to understand posing and good composition. This can take some practice, but these tips below will help tremendously.

Photography Marketing Lessons

Now, if you are currently a photographer that charges money or wants to eventually, marketing should be your next love. You can be the best photographer in the world, but if you can’t get the word out it doesn’t matter. These lessons below are some very powerful techniques and tips that can take your photography business to the next level.


If you love photography and want to be successful, you need to stay motivated and inspired. Sometimes you will have clients or people say things that upset you or throw you off your game. These links below will help you deal with what to say and how to process your thoughts and feelings. The mind is a powerful thing!

Newborn Photography Lessons

Newborn photography can be very challenging at times, but also very rewarding. If you are currently photographing newborns or thinking about entering this market…check out these links below.

Photoshop and Digital Backgrounds

Having the option to use Photoshop for editing or creating unique portraits is a HUGE advantage for us photographers. Here you will see some workflow techniques to speed up your editing and using Digital Backgrounds to add more variety to your photography.

Photography Lessons To Help Be Successful